Fourteen Ways to Help Dining for Dignity Fight Human Trafficking

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  1. Go social
    Post information or stories about human trafficking on social media. You can help us build an informed community. Every contribution helps. Here are two sample posts:

#RT for justice: It’s estimated that as many as 20-30 million people are currently victims of human trafficking. #endslavery via @D4Dignity

Share this post for social justice: It’s estimated that as many as 20-30 million people are currently victims of human trafficking. #endslavery via @D4Dignity


  1. Follow the leader


    If you’re not sure what to share on social media, follow some organizations involved in the fight against human trafficking and repost what they post. International Justice Mission,  A21, and Polaris Project, for example, are active post-ers. Dining for Dignity too, don’t forget us! Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


  1. Know the news3Stories about human trafficking are published (online and in print) on a regular basis. Search online for “human trafficking news” or “human trafficking arrests,” for example, and you’ll be news savvy in no time.


4. Go person-to-person

#persontopersonTell a friend or a family member what you already know about human trafficking. It doesn’t need to be a long conversation. Just start with a few facts and let them know that they can play a part. (Sharing this list isn’t cheating, it absolutely counts!)


  1. Read your way to awareness#5
    There are a lot of great books available on the topic that will help give you a deeper understanding beyond what you see in news stories. For example, Walking Prey: How America’s Youth Are Vulnerable To Sex Slavery, by Holly Austin Smith, is a good start.


  1. Watch your way to awareness#6Just like books, DVDs are another great resource to go more in-depth. “Sex + Money: A National Search for Human Worth” is one of many good documentaries on the topic.


  1. Go poster#7
    Put up posters with the NJ Human Trafficking Hotline Number in public places such as highway rest stops, bathrooms, hotels, etc. This one’s at a Wawa in NJ. You can email us at to request posters.


  1. Invite Kelly to speak at your event

    If you don’t feel comfortable giving a talk about human trafficking, invite Kelly Master and her team to do it. We would be more than happy to share our passion, knowledge and expertise on the subject.


  1. Donate to Dining for Dignity

    Every financial contribution you make helps us to help survivors of human trafficking, both directly and indirectly. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so any donations you make to us are fully tax deductible. You can even donate from your phone.


  1. Donate or collect raffle basket items#10We would gladly include them in our annual fundraising banquet.


11. Host a Dining for Purpose dinner

#11We’ll bring one of our events to you, just provide us with a venue and we’ll be there.


  1. Donate your time#12Intern with us! Whether you’re into graphic design, public speaking, writing, social media, research or any other variety of task that can help us in the fight against human trafficking, we would love to have your help.


  1. Purchase materials for an aftercare package#13When a victim is rescued, they typically only have the clothes on their back. Each package could contain sweatpants, a t-shirt, flip-flops or slippers, pajamas, toiletries, a journal, candy and an inspirational book. Contents and sizes vary.


  1. Pray (Or Brainstorm)#14If you’re the praying type, include an end to human trafficking in your prayers. If you’re not the praying type, no worries, brainstorm some ideas to help end trafficking instead.


Written by: Zachary Brooks

Zach Brooks is a senior public relations major at Rowan University


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