Kelly Master

Kelly Master is Founder and Director of For Dignity* and Emerge Ministries. She is a dynamic, tenacious leader who is fiercely committed to advocating for the sexually exploited. She leads seminars and conferences across the nation on the topics of human trafficking, social media safety, sexual exploitation, and hope.

She is a passionate speaker who draws upon healing from past addictions, abuse and shattered dreams to elevate and inspire others. In 2012, Kelly launched a unique, ministry called “Emerge,” which offers resources, assistance, and encouragement to women working in the adult industry. She is determined to extend dignity with the marginalized in her community. Her love and passion to minister to the women in the sex industry influenced her to become an author of her first book, “SHINE- Uplifting Words for Girls in Stilettos.”

She has given away thousands of free copies to women in prisons, strip clubs, rehabs, adult bookstores and domestic violence shelters.  When Kelly is not advocating on behalf of others, she can be found traveling and hiking with her family.

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