Every day I see stories on the Internet about human sex trafficking, and quite honestly, I don’t read them all.  The term human trafficking has created a great buzz and momentum; however, what is actually being done to confront the insanity?

Media glamorizes sex and pimp culture. Our malls exploit pre-teen girls in sexual advertisements,

Local Sex Trafficking Survivors Speaking in South Jersey

(Jen Spry and Holly Austin Smith)


President Obama declared January as National slavery and human trafficking prevention month. In response to that decree, local organization Dining for Dignity is hosting an informative presentation on January 4th to educate the community on

I am writing in regards to your game, Grand Theft Auto that generates millions if not billions in sales for your company? I came across the following article and am deeply disturbed by the content.  http://www.businessinsider.com/grand-theft-auto-features-first-person-sex-with-prostitutes-2014-11 As you know, the game boasts an interactive feature which allows the user to determine the method of brutal rape and

Several Pennsylvania government employees have resigned following accusations including viewing and sharing pornography during work hours on Government computers.[1] Naturally the story is being viewed through political lens, but the greater issue is being overlooked. Pornography fuels sex trafficking and sexual exploitation, and if these incidents are simply blown off as “good ole


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On October 16th, Dining for Dignity will host its annual fundraising dinner. Will you kindly consider donating towards our evening auction? 100% of all money collected will go towards educating the community on human trafficking and exploitation. Suggestions would be major event tickets, vacation rentals, gift certificates,

Every fall, we host our annual fundraiser at the elegant Paris Caterers to cast vision, share our accomplishments, and raise money to continue impacting lives. We have had an amazing year and are excited to share the news with you. Will you join us and partner with our cutting edge organization that is fiercely fighting