Most Christians would agree that Jesus Christ was the greatest evangelist the world has ever seen.  His actions backed up His words; and His evangelism style turned the world upside down.   Once Christ hit the scene,  He upheaved empty religious mindsets.  Talk about cutting edge!  God’s son shows up drinking wine, attending wild parties and stepping out

Last night we took two teams into a total of 10 strip clubs in Philadelphia and Jersey.  I led the Jersey team and three of our five stops would be a new venture.  We welcomed the unknown; for behind each door would be ladies whose environment invited encouragement and hope.  Our desire was purely to bless them

Let’s just face it……. life can be painful! There are times when you get tossed to and fro by intense circumstances that are completely out of your control. A sudden trauma, loss of life, disease, rape, incest, a spouse leaves you.  How do you stand under fervent waves of emotional pain striking you at a merciless pace?